Bluma is my name. It wasn't an easy name to carry in the beginning. In my cold and gloomy native country, nobody could feel its sensual musicality, its deeper meaning. Then, as I started traveling, I discovered other cultures and other languages, which appreciated my floral name as a tribute to my fair skin and my green eyes. Which are indeed the same as my mother's, and it was she who chose my name.

Bluma means flower in Yiddish, and the same root is found in English and German words that have an analogous, delicate meaning. But my mother was Russian, and very beautiful.

For her, flowers were about joy. "Flowers are like desires," she said, "they bloom and wither in a day, but always bring them with you when you knock at someone's heart."

And so, as I grew up I learned to appreciate my name, partly for greater awareness, partly for pride, while I saw that others looked at me with ever more attentive eyes and sought my gaze, my smile, my interest as if they were precious and exciting things.

Now as then, it is enough for me to smile, with lips perhaps a little more moist than lipstick, I just need to stroke my hair, to find anyone well disposed and friendly.

I felt the desire grow around me, and I understood that this is a language that goes beyond words and that everyone understands, a key that can truly open and close many doors. I realized how I just needed to put make up on my eyes a little, change my heavy skirt with a low-rise jeans or a mini, wear my tight mauve sweater, so that my presence can be felt in every environment as a magnetic center of the scene. It is enough for me to look at, or not look at, someone, it is enough for me to lay my eyes on a part of his body, to stimulate the friendliest talk or the most embarrassed silences, as the deepest philosophy or the most perfect syllogism could never do.

Like my whole generation, as soon as it was possible, I escaped too from my cold and gray provincial country, a small prison where everything was prohibited, except for desires, which, however, each one jealously kept hidden from the eyes of others and from the controls of the secret police.

I began to travel, first in Europe, then in America, gradually discovering how many manifestations and how many different expressions desire and seduction may have in the world through everyone's acting and thinking. Like music, like the heartbeat of humanity.

I have thus become not only an object, but also a subject of desire, learning to know, without being afraid or ashamed, even the deepest and most hidden ones.

Since then my life and travels have been a path of seduction, of places, occasions, events that fed my wishes and satisfied them, only to stimulate new ones.

On this trip I met often, though not always, others like me, with whom to share, fueling my desire with theirs and vice versa. Free souls who have the curiosity to go beyond the normal, the obvious, the foreseeable; beyond the common thinking.

A journey, this is MADAME O ATELIER | BOUTIQUE; a path of gradual discovery of one's desires, one's fantasies, one's mental boundaries.

When my travels took me to Venice, to study music at the Conservatory and to live in the old Ghetto with a maternal uncle, I discovered a new dimension of desire, a mixture of spirituality and decadent sensuality like the buildings that are reflected in the water of the canals .

I have known a baroque city, a female with seductive, erotic, exciting, irreverent atmospheres, sometimes a little perverse; with its elegant, refined, and above all masked, mysterious and fantastic parties.

I had the pleasure of meeting artists - inspired, imaginative, hungry for desire - and I discovered the pleasure of living in the whirlwind of images, people and strong feelings, of the "golden lions" who ask you to accompany them from the Lido at dusk in the old city, looking for places and seduction events.

MADAME O ATELIER | BOUTIQUE therefore wants to be an adventurous and elegant journey, towards fascinating places that host special moments and people, animated by the desire for a refined eroticism; a sensory and sensual journey of discovery, play, fun.

I also invite you, who have had the curiosity to read so far, to be one of my travel companions.